ECOBLOX prefabricated low carbon energy centres

The ECOBLOX is an ideal retrofit solution for to existing sites, providing a clean and modern stand-alone energy centre and also provides a plug and play low carbon heating solution for new developments.


ECOBLOX modular low carbon energy centres provide the ideal renewable heating solution for retrofit sites with restricted boiler room space or a clean and modern stand-alone energy centre for new developments.

ECOBLOX are suitable various sites such as:

  • Schools
  • Commercial properties
  • District heating schemes
  • Affordable housing projects
  • Rural estates and businesses

For Biomass installations, state of the art boilers are at the heart of every ECOBLOX energy centre, which also includes:

  • Fuel store
  • Controls
  • Plumbing
  • Electrics/lighting/ sockets
  • Ventilation and access doors

ECOBLOX biomass solutions are available in an extensive range of up to 500kW operating on either wood pellet or wood chips.

ECOBLOX can also house other technologies including heat pumps and solar thermal.

fuel_store_1000The Ecoblox are fabricated off site, here you see the fuel store module during productionimg_1138_1000Wiring and plumbing is all done before the Ecoblox is delivered to site48618139_1000Each module is craned into position on site48618201_1000The final position is determined during the design stage, adjacent to the building48618483a_1000Ecoblox can be clad in timber, other options are available such as having the same look as the property where it is installed





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